40 Powerful Affirmations To Start Your Day With

Powerful Affirmations

On mornings that I’m feeling great and super inspired, I write 3-5 affirmations in a journal. Some mornings I wake up a little tired, irritable, or not very motivated. On these days I write 20-25 affirmations. I say them out loud (which feels silly at first) and use what I wrote to counter any negative self-talk throughout the day. The days that were not feeling our best is when we need to show ourselves the most love.

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I am loved.

I am successful.

I am creating a wonderful life.

I am getting stronger each day.

I am at peace with who I am.

My body is healthy and strong.

I can achieve my goals.

I am learning new and better ways to live.

Affirmation means the action or process of affirming something or emotional support or encouragement.

I am proud of how far I have come.

My mind is capable of healing.

My body is capable of healing.

I am confident in my abilities.

I possess everything I need to take on this day.

I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.

I am learning from my mistakes and growing through them.

I love the person that I am becoming.

I am proud of all my accomplishments.

I have so much to offer the world.

I feel relaxed and calm today.

I am grateful for this day.

I have plenty of energy today.

I will overcome any challenges that present themselves.

I am worthy of a wonderful life.

My mind has unlimited power and potential.

Affirmation: I am full of creative ideas.

I feel calm and rested today.

I am a supportive friend.

I am looking forward to today.

I am worthy of greatness.

Today, I feel inspired.

I am enough.

I am confident in myself.

I am moving towards my greatest life.

I am open to receiving all the good that life has to offer.

I possess everything I need to live my greatest life.

I am stronger than any struggle I may encounter.

I am grateful for what I have received.

I am grateful for all that I will receive.

I forgive myself and others for any harm that was caused.

I trust me to take care of myself.

Transform Your Thoughts With Affirmations

Words are so very powerful. When we were younger we were taught to speak kindly to others. However, I don’t remember being told to speak kindly to myself. We spend more time conveying messages within ourselves than anyone else. We have the power to transform our way of thinking and living just by changing our self-talk.

If at some point today you think “I can’t do that”, don’t be afraid to disagree with yourself. Simply counter that statement with “I can accomplish any task put before me”. Also, don’t feel like you have to come up with new affirmations each day. There’s power in repetition so go with the ones you feel you need the most each day.

Counter Negative Feelings With Positive Thoughts

We live in a world where we’re subjected to things that cause fear, anxiety and even hopelessness. The best way to cope with these feelings is to counter them with positive thoughts. We certainly don’t have to believe every thought we think or every emotion we feel. That’s where affirmations are most helpful.

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Try starting your day tomorrow with a cup of warm lemon water (read about the benefits here), and write down 5 positive affirmations. Let me know how it goes in the comments below, or shoot me an email at amanda@thrivingforfive.com.

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