Mission Statement: The Turning Point

my mission statement

The following words were written a while after I began to recover from an onset on Bipolar I. These are the thoughts I was thinking that I couldn’t put into words at the time. I live with mental health challenges, and they affect every aspect of my life, but they do not define me.

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My Mission Statement

Maybe I am broken. Maybe I have some deep emotional wounds that have not fully healed. Or, memories that keep telling me that I’m lost and won’t be found.

Maybe I’ve made some bad decisions while running from myself; I may have hurt others along the way as well. Maybe I’m just tired and wondering how much longer I can carry this baggage. Maybe I’m fighting the battle in my mind all alone because I’m too afraid to reach out for fear of judgement.

It doesn’t fucking matter.

If I have breaths left to breathe I can make different choices, end destructive thoughts and behaviors and rebuild a life I can be proud of.

I give myself permission. The universe gives me permission. To stop doing the things that harm me, and create new habits that will heal me. I don’t need anyone else’s permission so I won’t ask. Because this moment is about me. My life. My recovery. My peace.

And dammit, I’m worthy.

The door leading out of this metaphorical prison is open. If I can’t see the exit or don’t know the way,  I’ll just start walking, and a path will appear. I’ll take baby steps in the right direction.

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt
Thoughts while creating my mission statement.

When I wake up and want to click on a social media app, to distract myself, I’ll pick up my gratitude journal instead. Whenever I’m feeling intense emotions and want to numb them, I’ll allow myself to feel. When I’m pissed off and want to listen to angry music, I’ll remind myself that input = output and choose to feed my mind with nourishing and uplifting thoughts.

I’ll embark on a journey to discover healthy ways to feed my mind, body, and spirit. I’ll accept that self-care will not always be easy but, along with self-love, will become among my highest priorities.  

I will respect my journey and begin to show myself kindness. My self-talk will no longer be belittling. Even though this part of my journey is about focusing on myself, I’ll commit to reaching out for help from the right places if needed.

I will not allow anyone to convince me that my pain and my struggles aren’t real. Or that my well-being doesn’t matter. Or that I’m weak.

That is never okay.

I will try to remember that other people have their own journey, values and priorities. Theirs’ will differ from mine.

That is okay.

One of my goals will be to choose forgiveness. Whether I receive an apology or not. Forgiveness is freedom.

I’ll become passionate about life, and appreciative for the breaths I take. Gratitude is also freedom.

When the time is right, I’ll share my stories with those who may benefit from them.

My personal Mission Statement written while recovering from an episode of mania.

Mission Statements are probably usually a little prettier and more formal. But this one is mine. I’m in the process of writing a new mission statement because I believe it should be updated as needed. I still reference this one often because it reminds me of how far I have come and the things I need to remember to continue my recovery.

If you have been thinking of creating your personal mission statement, here are some resources to help you along the way.

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