Journal Prompts- The What Are You Doing With Your Life Version

writing about thoughts and emotions

I discovered a while ago that one of the best tools for coping with overwhelming emotions is to write about them. Also, if I have an important decision to make or just need to figure some things out, I write down whatever comes to mind. This allows me to gain some clarity when it comes to my thoughts. You can read my post about how to tackle emotions head on here. The following is a list of journal prompts I created for myself, because I was getting bored with writing the same old shit.

Who are you anyway?

What do you want exactly?

Why do you want it?

How do you plan to accomplish that?

What could you do TODAY to work towards getting what you want?

Did you do the thing you said you could do yesterday? Are you going to do it again today?

How does it feel to be working towards your goal?

One Day At A Time

These prompts are designed to get your mind thinking about goals you may want to accomplish and to encourage you to take the first step towards achievement. Try to tackle one each morning for a week. You don’t have to write much because if your like me, you’re pressed for time getting ready for your day.

Leave a comment below with your ideas for journal prompts. I’m always on the lookout for inspiration. Happy writing!



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