Journal Prompts: Recreating Your Best Moments

Journal Prompts to Recreate Your Best Moments

You know that moment when you put on a certain outfit and you suddenly feel like you can take on the world?

Remember that song that you can’t help but sing and dance to even if it makes your kids roll their eyes?

Or that friend that always makes you feel understood and appreciated?

For me, whenever my bra and underwear match, I feel unstoppable. I’m not sure why I derive a boost of confidence from this, but I can’t be the only one. I have not one song but an entire Pandora station that may one day cause my kids eyeballs to become permanently stuck in an upward position. I have a few good friends who I don’t get in touch with nearly enough. But, I know if I do, I’ll be reminded that they’ve got my back.

Anxiety and depression are big, fat liars. They want us to forget that we have resources to help bring us back to the present moment. Negative emotions and feelings seek to block positive and uplifting thoughts.

In the chaos that is life sometimes, it’s easy to forget that there are things we can do to bring us joy and peace and camaraderie. These are the moments we need these things the most. I’ve found that the best way to remember is to write about it.

Below are five journal prompts that I created to provoke thought about what it is that makes me happy. I wanted to document these thoughts so I could recreate these moments over and over again.

Journal Prompts to Recreate Your Best Moments
Five Days of Journal Prompts to Help Discover What Makes You Feel Happy, Confident and Empowered

After completing the five days, let me know your thoughts. Did it inspire you to create a new playlist or reconnect with a friend?

Also, be sure to keep your journal entries and add to them as you discover more things that bring you joy. You can reference it on days you need some inspiration.

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