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I like to drink water. Especially if it’s hot outside. I LOVE iced coffee and even the occasional sweet tea. As life would have it, neither of my loves are good for my physical health. (I’m convinced that coffee and tea are good for the soul, if not the body.) So I like to find ways to increase the nutritional value of the water I drink and not become bored with it. I put together a list of some of the ingredients I have infused in my water and their benefits.



Cleans the liver + encourages the liver to flush out toxins

Boosts immune system

Maintains pH balance (with warm water)

Fights infections

Promotes digestion + Boosts metabolic rate

Promotes healthy skin

Reduces joint and muscle pain (with warm water)

Best way to use it: in warm water (on an empty stomach) first thing in the morning.

You can see some yummy lemon infused water recipes here.


Weight loss


Lowers blood pressure

Healthy skin

Bone Health

How I use it: in a pitcher of water left in the fridge overnight (combined with lemon)





Balances blood sugar

Weight loss

Lowers cholesterol

How I use it: boil + allow to steep + strain; left in the fridge overnight with lemon and cucumber

Blueberries/ Raspberries/ Blackberries

Low in calories


A major source of vitamins and nutrients

Lowers blood sugar

Maintains a healthy level of cholesterol


How I use it: left in the fridge overnight (combine with mint)





Combats stress and depression

Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties

Healthy skin

How I use it: left in the fridge overnight (combine with mint and lemon)




Vitamin C

Weight loss

Freshens Breath

Prevents kidney stones

Ulcer Protection

How I use it: left in the fridge overnight (combine with vanilla or blueberries)

What are you infusing in your water? I’d love to try some new recipes so leave a comment below!

orange infused water
Orange infused water is a favorite during the summer.

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