How To Practice The Art Of Gratitude

attitude of gratitude

Living a grateful life is one of those ongoing commitments you have to make for yourself. It’s a choice you continually make despite the inevitable setbacks you may encounter in life. But, with practice, it does become an easier choice to make. There are things you can do to make gratitude a habit.

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The Benefits Of Practicing Gratitude

Stress Relief

This is because practicing gratitude leads to lowered levels of cortisol. Cortisol is commonly known as ‘the primary stress hormone’.

Less Frequent Negative Emotions

Toxic emotions such as anger and regret are experienced less frequently.

Improved Physical Health

Practicing gratitude can lead to less chronic pain and less inflammation. Also, you may experience overall improved well-being.

Better Self-Esteem

The more individual traits that you are grateful for, the more likely you are to have a high opinion of yourself.

How To Practice Gratitude

Zig Ziglar quote about gratitude and human emotions

Start A Gratitude Journal

Or make a small list each day in your planner. The Today I Will Thrive A.M. Check-In and Let’s Review P.M. Check-In Planner Printables have a section to include a gratitude list.

Express Your Gratitude

Tell people why you appreciate having them in your life. Thank them for even the simplest of things.

Think Grateful Thoughts While Doing Daily Tasks

While folding your laundry, appreciate the clothes that you have to wear. Having dishes to wash means that your body has been nourished by the food they held. Each morning while making your bed, remember to be thankful for having a soft place to lay your head.

Writing A Gratitude List

There’s no certain number of items that you should include in your list, but I always write at least three.

  • Something that plays a big role in my life or is very valuable. (home, family, health)
  • Something that is less significant but still appreciated. (coffee, a great pair of leggings, conversations with friends) Doing this reminds me that I have so many things and I experience so many moments to be grateful for.
  • Something that I expect to have in the future. I choose to be grateful for all the things that I have and all the things I will receive in the future. ( goals that I am working towards, better physical health as I consistently improve my diet, future trips to the beach)

Journal Prompts For Practicing Gratitude

These journal prompts were created to get you thinking about the big and small things as well as the future things that you may feel grateful for.

journal prompts for practicing gratitude
After completing the journal prompts, you can use the answers to create gratitude lists each day.

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