The Good Now Days

Photo Album to remind us of good memories

I used to think that a good day meant that I had busted my ass and included as many productive activities/ accomplishments as I could squeeze in. I ‘thrived’ off of busyness. Or, at least, I thought I was thriving. The truth is that I was just surviving, and barely. I was hanging on by a rope that was slowly unraveling. And while I was accomplishing goals and successfully finishing tasks, I rarely took the time to enjoy my life. I just jumped to whatever was next on my to do list. Like so many others, I was running from the past and living for the future.

“We’re living in the good now days.”


I was waiting for the day that I had more money, less stress, more energy, etc. We become convinced that there are things beyond our control that are hindering us from being happy now. The problem with this mindset is that a day without some sort of hinderance will never come. Sure, you may achieve greater financial security, which in turn could lead to less stress. But, the requirements of the new job could demand more of your free time or take a toll on your energy level.

A Joyful Existence

Bills will continue to arrive in our mailboxes. Rainy days will put a damper on our plans. When the kids are grown or when we retire, we’ll still be tired. Each stage of life delivers its own set of challenges. Outside forces as well as internal struggles will always be possible roadblocks standing between us and a joyful existence. If we let them.

Yoga with baby

I was sharing this concept with my husband recently. That conversation led to the title of this post. I had been thinking about the difference between looking back on a time and realizing how wonderful it was versus knowing in the moment what a wonderful time it is. We were listening to  “Good Old Days” by Macklemore and Kesha on Pandora. Brian said, “We’re living in the good now days.” I wrote his words down in the small notebook that I keep in the car. It’s bittersweet to think of the years I spent not living in and appreciating the present. However, I don’t linger on those thoughts, because I don’t want to reside in the past anymore than I want to be anxious about the future.

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