My Favorite Quotes From: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Quote from Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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I recently finished this book and was just in tears at the end…and a couple of other times. I am a huge fan of anyone who can share and expose the incredibly vulnerable parts of themselves as Rachel Hollis did in Girl, Wash Your Face. I guess I lived under a rock because I had not heard of Rachel Hollis before coming across this book. But I can not wait to seek out more of her writing. Like so many other women, a lot of the things she talks about really resonated with me on a very personal level. Trauma, grief, motherhood and being honest with one’s self are just a few topics covered that I benefited from the most. I wanted to share with my readers some of my favorite quotes from Girl, Wash Your Face. Without further ado, here they are.

  • I dare say that tearing down other women is usually based on something no less frivolous than the insecurities of our fourteen-year-old selves. Why do we do it, ladies? Why do we gossip?
  • Be careful dressing up your judgments as accountability to make your conscience feel better.
  • The only thing worse than giving up is wishing that you hadn’t.
  • Sometimes trauma happens, and if we’re being honest, a part of us rejoices. Well, now nobody can expect anything else from me because it’s a miracle enough that I’m upright.
  • You were forged in a fire worse than this. You have stood with death and you are certainly strong enough to bring life into being.
  • You can live through something that rocks your world off its axis. You can survive losing a piece of your heart without losing the core of who you are. More than merely surviving the loss, you can thrive. You can do it because it’s what you deserve. More importantly, you can survive the loss because living is the greatest honor you can give to the person you lost.
  • It’s possible to find purpose even in the absence of explanation.
  • Finding the courage to be honest about who you are or what you’re going through is like throwing yourself into the deep end of the pool and fighting to swim once you hit the cold water. It won’t necessarily be pleasant but once you’re in, it’s done.
  • The longer you live in a state of honesty, the easier it becomes to exist there all the time.
  • I know they say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but I assume that’s because they never had a Nacho Bell Grande.
  • Make no mistake. Drinking the way I drank is a form of medication. Life felt hard or overwhelming, so I put something into my body to make it feel better. But it was a short term solution to a problem that was not going away.
  • Drinking can be an attempt to escape. But you can not escape the realities of your life forever.
  • The difficult seasons we walk through are how we learn to build up strength to manage any situation.
  • Every year you close a new chapter in your book. Please, please don’t write the same one seventy-five times and call it a life.
  • Only you have the power to change your life.
  • I hope, pray, wish, cross my fingers and my toes that you will look around and find an opportunity to be your own hero.
  • Stop crying about what happened, and take control of what happens next.
  • I am who I am because of who I come from.

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