5 Things I Learned While Removing Clutter From My Home

Simple Items in a Minimalist Home
  1. I enjoy throwing things away and may have become a little bit addicted to purging. Honestly, I was somewhat sad when the decluttering process was over. I had no idea you could get a little dopamine boost every time you fill a trash bag and toss it in a donation bin. I even asked my mom if I could help remove clutter from her house. She, probably seeing the over excitement in my eyes, politely declined. I’m still hoping she’ll come around soon.
  2. Some things are really easy to part with, and others are not so easy. Of course, I could have assumed this beforehand. What I didn’t realize was that parting with some things would cause me to mourn. I didn’t mourn for the loss of an item, because that wasn’t what I was attached to. It was the laying down of heavy emotions that I had been holding onto. Whether it makes sense or not we tend to hold onto burdens that aren’t meant for us to carry. Sometimes we hang onto possessions, claiming they’re sentimental when they don’t provoke good memories.
  3. “But I may need it one day” is a good reason to save for retirement. It is not a valid reason to hang onto clutter. There are tons of things I may need one day. I don’t have room for all of those things in my home.
  4. The less shit that occupies a space, the less I have to clean up. I’m being 100% honest when I say that I spend less time cleaning now than I did in the past. Since I’m being honest, I’ll tell you that another reason I spend less time tidying up is that my standards have lowered after each child was born. What I consider clean now is a lot different than in years past. The main reason though, is that there is less crap laying around. It turns out if there are not 30 cups in the kitchen cabinet, and a kid is thirsty, they will wash a cup. Or they’ll use a dirty cup. I don’t really care. #lowstandards
  5. I learned that a minimalist home allows for a calmer mind. I’ve heard people say that they thrive off of chaos. I think the truth is they thrive despite the chaos. I am not one of those people. I need a closet that I can find clothes in, floor space I can easily navigate, and cabinets that I can open without witnessing an avalanche.

It is entirely liberating to discover how little we actually need.

Joshua Becker

I’d love to see your thoughts on minimalism and getting rid of clutter in the comments below. Let’s make this a conversation!

A Simple Wardrobe In A Minimalist Home

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned While Removing Clutter From My Home

  1. After having purged 90% of my in-laws’ home after 40 years of accumulation under extreme time constraints, I realized that it’s not fair for my indecision and procrastination about “stuff” to burden our own kids now, or ever. That has helped me to purge and to evaluate whether any given object deserves space and mental energy.

    1. That’s such a valid point, and I had never considered that. I also like your use of the term ‘mental energy’. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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